More Strolling Through the City of Manchester

Hey guys!

After I checked in the hotel in Salford (west Manchester), I went to the nearby Quays. There is the Media City UK (both BBC and ITV are based here!), the Lowry Outlet, Imperial War Museum and Lowry, which is an arts complex. At the Outlet, I found a Cadbury shop. I immediately fell in love with the little shop and bought lots of chocolates (Ok, I admit it. I am addicted to chocolate! My faves are the Fingers! Sooo delicious!). There is also a lot of food options and if the sun shines, it didn’t at that day, there are nice places to sit alongside the canal. Manchester West is busy too, not only the city centre. Near our hotel was the University of Salford. There is an art gallery as well and a shopping area.  Continue reading

My first Impression of Manchester: HUGE, RED, LIVELY

Hey guys!

Since I am in UK, I always wanted to travel up north, either to Manchester or Liverpool. Although, I’ve been to York with my family for a couple of days in December, which is in the North and I could warmly recommend it. York is such a charming city, with the intact wall from the Roman times.

Back to my trip, I was lucky that Professionals UK offered me this trip. Manchester, I am buzzin’ for this. Continue reading

Meyers Briggs Personality and English Test

Hi folks!

Hurrah! I’ve survived my first week at Professionals UK. I am kidding, honestly, it was a great week. Every day I learnt something new and I am so delighted to work with the lovely ladies. I have to say, that Bella, my supervisor, takes time for me to explain everything in great detail and she is always available when I need her help.

If you are not bored yet and still interested in how my first week was, keep reading 🙂

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