Rocío Rey


My name is Rocío and I would like to introduce myself briefly (everybody knows that the simple things are the unique things).

I’m a Spanish girl who is doing an internship in digital marketing in Professionals UK Ltd, in despite of the fact, I will be a future International Trade Professional, but, the digital marketing’ area is inside of my studies, what is more, the internship’s idea is improving my English here, in the unique place that I could choose in the best way, Brighton.

In addition, if you see some mistakes in my posts (I hope not), I’m sorry I’m trying to improve the English language !!!

My internship experience has been impressive, in fact, if you are thinking of doing an internship in another country, I would suggest Brighton for one simple reason: Brighton is the best place to improve your English, meet new and different people, have a fun time, and learn in your internship for adding your professional career.

So, if you have any questions or you would like to share your experience about your internship living abroad, you will could leave a message in my posts, you’re welcome!!

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